Radiation Physics Research

In June 2008, our department moved to the new state-of-the-art Raymond and Ruth Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine. Our new center has 4 Varian Clinac 2300iX linear accelerators, each with OBI for on-board kV imaging and cone-beam CT and the RPM system for respiratory gating. We also have a Varian Acuity simulator with CBCT capability, 35 Eclipse TPS stations, Aria system for record and verify and paperless charting, 2 Siemens Sensation Open CT scanners, 1 with 4DCT capability, 1 Siemens Magnetom Espree 1.5 T I-Class, wide-bore MRI scanner, 1 Philips Gemini TF Big-Bore PET/CT scanner, 1 HDR Varian Gammamed Plus iX, Varian Brachyvision TPS, TheraplanPlus TPS, Variseed, Z-Med Ultrasound localization system, Calypso localization system, etc.

In January 2010, we began treating patients in the new Roberts Proton Therapy Center. Our new proton therapy facility has an IBA cyclotron-based therapy system with 4 rotating gantry rooms, 1 fixed beam room, and 1 research room. Gantry rooms employ the IBA Universal nozzle, capable of delivering single- and double-scattered beams, uniform-scanned beams, and pencil-beam scanning. Our gantries include a new proton multi-leaf collimator developed in collaboration with Varian Medical Systems for beam shaping during double-scattering and uniform-scanning. The center also includes an additional Varian Acuity simulator.

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