Diverse Perspectives in Science and Medicine

Diverse representation shapes how we view and see those around us, those we bring to the table, and even how we feel about our own inclusion in an environment. We want to embrace our differences, to celebrate our strengths and create a community built on positive representation of all; ultimately creating an atmosphere where every individual can thrive. Inspired by Verna Myers’ call to action to build positive associations,  we have placed together a collection of inspiring scientists and physicians who have paved the way for others. Make a point to intentionally  familiarize  yourself  with  these images and names of accomplished diverse individuals throughout history. Reflect on the ways that these individuals have made a positive impact, contributing to our progress as a scientific community and a society. Increased representation starts with transforming our own perception and taking inventory of our associations. The following presentation brings to the front of our minds the impact that scientists and physicians from diverse groups make in the ongoing evolution of science and medicine.