Department of Radiation Oncology

Morton M. Kligerman Lecture Series

Dr. Morton M. Kligerman

Dr. Morton M. Kligerman

The Kligerman Award honors the life and work of Dr. Morton M. Kligerman, a national leader in Radiation Oncology, and is given to a physician in the Department of Radiation Oncology whose dedication to research improves the lives of patients with cancer. Dr. Kligerman fostered the emergence of the field of Radiation Oncology around the nation. In addition to his many accomplishments in chemoradiotherapy, he was the leader of studies to test the efficacy of pion therapy in the 1970s.

Year Award Recipient
2019 Quynh-Thu Le, MD
2018 Paul M. Harari, MD
2017 Theodore S. Lawrence, MD, PhD
2015 Anthony D'Amico, MD, PhD
2014 Margaret Foti, MD, PhD
2012 Lori Pierce, MD
2011 Robert Timmerman, MD
2010 Eugen B. Hug, MD
2009 W. Gillies McKenna, MD, PhD
2007 Sanjiv Gambhir, MD, PhD
2006 Sarah Donaldson, MD
2004 Harry Bartelink, MD, PhD
2002 Ian Tannock, MD, PhD
2001 Herman Suit, MD
1998 Prof Maurice Tubiana
1998 Mortimer M. Elkind, PhD
1996 Samuel Hellman, MD

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