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The Department Announces the Appointment of Theresa Busch, PhD – Vice Chair for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

 The Department congratulates Theresa Busch, PhD on her appointment as the Radiation Oncology Department’s first Vice Chair for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. This new role will both report to and work closely with the Department Chair to oversee, promote, and facilitate excellence in diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism efforts across all aspects of the department. The Vice Chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a culture that embraces inclusion and ensuring that all departmental policies and practices are grounded in the tenants of equity and antiracism. Together with departmental leadership, the Vice Chair will examine our research, clinical and educational activities through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion, and develop strategies to build a strong culture of antiracism as well as metrics to measure the success of these strategies.

Theresa has held the role of Radiation Oncology’s Diversity Search Advisor for new faculty hires, and will continue in this role in addition to her work as Vice Chair. Theresa has already begun leading our department’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, which is focused on finding ways to promote equity and inclusion both within the department and through patient clinical experiences. I am thrilled that Theresa has accepted this role and look forward to her leadership in this essential area.

Penn Medicine Radiation Oncology Solidarity Statement Introduction:

    "The Department of Radiation Oncology stands to acknowledge and join in solidarity with those who are subject to or responsibly act against the realities of race-driven violence, inequality and oppression. The current crisis that grips our nation portrays the realities that are faced by Black men, women and children in our communities. Bearing tragic witness to these realities, the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, among centuries of others, are a testament to the inexcusable need for our society to acknowledge and address its failure to provide for equality among its citizens, even in the most basic of rights. With deep sadness, we reflect on these events that demand our attention and identify our responsibility to enact change in the attitudes and actions that define us as a society of many races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities and other backgrounds. From these differences among us emanates an invaluable diversity of experiences and backgrounds that are recognizable strengths. It is imperative we act as a community to develop these strengths, not willfully oppress diversity. Moreover, in synchrony with this action, we must protect against a return to the complacency that repeatedly rears itself throughout our history, standing in the path of progress. "

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