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Stephen M. Avery, PhD

Stephen M. Avery, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
2 Donner Bldg.
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 Office: 215-898-5574
Fax: 215-746-1727


B.S (Physics)
Millersville University, 1994.
M.S. (Experimental Nuclear Physics)
Hampton University, 1997.
Ph.D. (Experimental Nuclear Physics)
Hampton University, 2002.

Description of Research Expertise

Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)
Quality assurance and safety in proton therapy treatment delivery.
Medical Physics Education

Description of Clinical Expertise

Clinical Physicist for external beam at PCAM
Linear Accelerator/Proton QA and calibration
Patient QA for Proton Therapy
Hospital physicist as needed at affiliated hospitals

Description of Other Expertise

Diversity and Inclusion of under-represented groups in Medical Physics

Selected Publications

K. P. Risolo, S. Avery, M. Bartels, R. Maughan : Shielding Measurements For A Proton Therapy Facility 2012 Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society - Oral Presentation July 2012.

M.C. Harvey, S. Avery, P.L. Gueye : Calculations Of The Therapeutic Absorbed Dose And Secondary Neutron Production In Proton Therapy Using The Geant4 Monte Carlo Toolkit 2012 Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society - Oral Presentation July 2012.

Shepard Smithline, Stephen Avery, Chandra Sehgal: Modeling of Thermal Effects in Antivascular Ultrasound Therapy From Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Images. 2012 Annual AAPM Meeting - Oral Presentation July 2012.

Kevin Risolo, Stephen Avery, James McDonough, Mike Bartels, Richard Maughan: Shielding Measurements for a Proton Therapy Facility. 2012 Annual AAPM Meeting - Poster Presentation July 2012.

Elaine Sayler, Derek Dolney, Cameron Koch, Stephen Avery: Shielding considerations for the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) Health Physics IN PROGRESS 2012.

A. Caringi, B. Goldsmith, M. Kirk, S. Both, R. Rengan, C. Simone, S. Avery, J. Christodouleas: Combined Photon SBRT and Proton Mediastinal Radiation for Stage III Lung Cancer: The Best of Both Worlds? American Society for Radiation Oncology - Poser Presentation 2012.

Stephen Avery, Kevin Risoslo, Mike Bartels, Richard Maughan: Shielding Study of Proton Therapy Center. Radiation Protection and Dosimetry IN PROGRESS 2012.

Jennifer Smilowitz, Stephen Avery, Paul Gueye, George Sandison: Report on the American association of Medical Physics Undergraduate Fellowship Programs. Medical Physics IN PROGRESS 2012.

S Surti, W Zou, M E Daube-Witherspoon, J McDonough and J S Karp: Design study of an in situ PET scanner for use in proton beam therapy Physics in Medicine and Biology. IOP Publishing, 56(9): 2667-2685, April 2011.

S. Avery, C. Freeman, K. Shahnazi: Initial study of 3D dose verification of multi-field proton therapy treatment along match line with polymer gel detectors. Journal of Physics:Conference Series 250, December 2010.


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