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Koumenis Lab

Koumenis Lab 2017 August
Koumenis Lab, August 2017

Current Lab Members

Richard H. Chamberlain Professor, Vice-Chair, Director of RadOnc Research 
Adjunst Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology and Senior Research Associate:
Research Associate:
Lab Manager
Graduate Students:
Undergraduate Students:
Rotation Project Students:
  • Currently the lab is accepting 2 new rotation students.

Former Lab Members

Former Graduate Students:     

  • Lauren Brady, PhD (Genetics and Gene regulation)
    Current Position: Scientist, Oncology research group, Janssen Research & Development
  • Natalie Daurio, Ph.D. (Pharmacology)
    Current Position: Scientist, Pfizer
  • Stacey Lehman, Ph.D. (Cancer Biology)
    Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute
  • Carly Sayers, Ph.D. (Pharmacology)
    Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Health, Intramural Research Program
  • David Guttman M.S., M.D., 2011-2013
    Current Position: Radiation Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Lauren Hertan, M.S., M.D., 2008-2010
    Current position: Radiation Oncologist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Jiangbin Ye, Ph.D., UPenn, 2004-2009
    Current position: Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University
  • Prashanthi Javvadi, Ph.D., UPenn, 2004-2009
    Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Southwestern Medical Center, TX
  • Lori Hart, Ph.D., Wake Forest Univ. 2002-2006
    Current position: Senior Medical Writer, ETHOS Health Communications

Former Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Souvik Dey, PhD
    Current position: Research Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Vladimir Popov, Ph.D.
    Current position: Business Development Manager, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.
  • Lori Hart, Ph.D.
    Current position: Senior Medical Writer, ETHOS Health Communications
  • Kevin Du, M.D., Ph.D.
    Current Position: Associate Professor, NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Haiyan Zhang, Ph.D. 2008-2009
    Current position: Vice President, Senior Quantitative Analyst, BNY Mellon
  • Meixia Bi, M.D. 2002-2008
    Current position: Research Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline, Phoenixville, PA
  • Brian Lally, M.D. Translational Radiation Oncology Fellow, 2004-2006
    Current position: Clinician of Radiation Oncology, Penn Medicine

Former Lab Members:

  • Tatini Datta, B.A.      
    Current Position: Medical Student, Univ. Nevada, Reno
  • Monika Kumanova, M.D.      
    Current postion: Physician, Penn Medicine
  • Diane Marotta, Ph.D.            
    Former Research Associate            
    Current Position: Instructor, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Radiology
  • Johann Kolev, Summer 2009            
    Former Summer Rotating Undergraduate Student             
    Current Position: Undergraduate, University of Florida
  • Kelly Sloane, B.S., 2008-2009            
    Former Research Specialist/Lab Manager             
    Current Position: Medical Resident, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Christine (Naczki) McMahan            
    Former Research Assistant/Lab Manager         
    Current Position: Senior Research Assistant, Department of Radiation Oncology, WFUSM
  • Brett Bell, B.S.
    Former Undergraduate Lab Member
    Current Position: Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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